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Meet Christina Xu

Empowering Wellness: Journey of Tradition and Transformation


Two decades ago, I followed my dreams from Beijing to Australia, embracing a journey that would intertwine tradition and modernity. Armed with a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I navigated language barriers and cultural shifts, carving a path of resilience and success.

While my early days in Australia were marked by challenges, a transformative moment overlooking the Sydney  Bridge rekindled my determination. With perseverance, I pursued accounting studies alongside my TCM commitments, earning a CPA certification and becoming a Financial Controller at a publicly listed company—an accomplishment beyond my imagination.

Yet, amidst achievements, I recognized the importance of well-being. TCM's preventive approach resonated, inspiring me to prioritize my health. I uncovered parallels between TCM philosophy and the business realm, where holistic balance and leadership intertwine.

Guided by a desire to empower, I now share my journey through a platform that celebrates women's vitality and holistic living. My mission is clear: to nurture growth, joy, and wellness in women and their families, uniting tradition with modern aspirations.

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Why Naturopathy

Embrace the Transformation

Be Happier Be Healthier

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Radiant Ageing

Embrace your 40s and beyond with vitality. Our holistic wellness approach supports graceful aging that radiates from within, empowering you to navigate life's changes confidently.

Elevated Energy Levels

Reclaim enthusiasm for life. Our tailored wellness solutions banish sluggishness, restoring energy levels so you can fully engage in new adventures.

Confidence & Beauty

Embrace age with grace. Our comprehensive wellness approach enhances your natural beauty, fostering confidence that emanates from within.

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Mind Body Harmony

Achieve balance and peace. Our holistic practices empower you to manage stress, cultivate mindfulness, and nurture a positive outlook on life, harmonizing mind and body.

Vibrant Vitality

Ignite each day with energy. Our wellness strategies invigorate body and mind, boosting your zest for life and proving that age is just a number.

Networking Connections

Expand your horizons. Connect with a dynamic network of like-minded women, fostering new friendships, inspiring collaborations, and creating meaningful connections.


" Thank you so much for your insightful presentation on the preventative health benefit of traditional Chinese medicine."

- Les Bryce

Successful Retirement Discussion Group - CPA

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