Essence of Life

King of Incense -Agarwood

Calm the Chaotic Heart

Empty the Cluttered Mind 

Relax Deeply and Thoroughly – Mind, Body and Soul

Dao of Incenseis

Dao of Incense is the ancient art of appreciating incense and a way to enjoy scents to relax and sooth anxiety, and to calm down mind and body deeply and thoroughly.  


Incense has been highly regarded and used and for medicinal and purification purposes for thousands of years and across many cultures and religions.

Essence of Life

king of incense -Agarwood

floating in the air

Calm the chaotic heart

Empty the messy mind 

Relax deeply and thorughly

Our Vision

Our vision at Preserve Health is to educate and provide the tools that will afford an awareness of the opportunities that might be able to be provided through a more sustainable and integrated alternative to the management of health. We believe that each person has the capacity to influence and control the preservation of one’s health leading to a more sustainable, enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyle.   

Our goal is to bring knowledge and people together to facilitate a more positive experience in alternative health medicine and lifestyle.

Incense Making Class 

The making of incense is a practiced skill that focus’s mind, body and spirit allowing the concentration of emotions and the heart for well being and clarity.  


You can learn and enjoy the art of making a variety of incense type using different methods to create a range of patterns.  


The product of your efforts will be a fulfilling and relaxing aroma to tantalise the senses and impress your family and friends.